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Grullo with tiger stripes lightening marks beauty t Horses
Grullo with tiger stripes lightening marks
Found on Bing from pinterest.com Grulla Horse, Dun Horse, Palomino, Pretty
Grullo is a color of horses, and occurs in several different breeds. It is considered a part of the dun color group, characterized by tan-gray or ...
Palomino, Appaloosa, Horse Markings, American Quarter Horse, Cute Animals, Types Of
Beautiful Grulla (stripes on the legs) | Animals / Sea Life | Pinterest | Horses, Grulla horse and Beautiful horses
Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) Nu Star In Hollywood Grulla Horse, Appaloosa, Palomino
Gorgeous color & conformation on this Shining C Grulla AQHA Yearling - Grulla (pronounced grew-yah) is a rare color that is mouse, blue, dove or slate with ...
Smoky grulla mare and foal (Black + cream + dun factor) American Quarter Horse
silver grullo with awesome expression and color
Grullo with tiger stripes lightening marks | beauty | Pinterest | Horses, Grulla horse and Dun horse
Legal N Twisted (aka Radar) Photo Credit: KB Ranch, Comanche Texas - Grulla with an awesome Dorsal Stripe extending down the tail!
GRULLO -Dash For Perks x High Brow Hickory colt
Grulla quarter horse stallion Kansas City Twister. He is homozygous black and he carries the cream gene. No red foals. For the description, he could be ...
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These 19 Unusual Horses Have The Most Magnificent Colors You'll Ever See!
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Red Dun - dorsal stripe on a red dun horse. A red dun horse is a chestnut horse affected by the dun dilution. This dilution lightens the horse's body and ...
Home - Shining C Grulla Horses. In LOVE with this website.
Grulla Horses for Sale - Grulla Horse
Kiger Mustangs are Beautiful.
Cutting & Performance Quarter Horses For Sale & Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, and Chihauhuas
Twister has high dun factor with lots of tiger stripes. He's also homozygous for bllack so he doesn't produce red based offspring.
His color is a silver grulla (hey -- I see leg barring!) This is Kansas City Twister, a foundation Quarter Horse stud at High P… | Horses...my passion!
grullo horse breeders | Grulla Mare
Grulla quater horsse American Quarter Horse, Quarter Horses, Grulla Horse, All The Pretty
Grulla - some Dorsal Stripes extend down the tail this far Grulla Horse, Palomino,
Rocky Mountain Horse. Homozygous Silver Smokey Grulla Stallion living in Switzerland Grulla
Hesa Perty Jay x Way Cool - Shining C Grulla Horses
(Shining C Grulla Horses) Like all dun horses, a grulla (or black dun) has a lighter body coat than mane and tail color, a distinctive dorsal stripe, ...
showgirlglitz: Fancy Nu Diamond (RC Fancy Step x Pocos Nu Diamond) 2012 Grullo AQHA Mare
Grulla Quarter Horse stallion, Berry Sweet Whizard Grulla Horse, Reining Horses, Palomino,
Morgan Colors- Dun Morgan Horses Most Beautiful Horses, All The Pretty Horses, Animals
Quarter Horse Palomino, Appaloosa, Grulla Horse, Friesian, Thoroughbred, Majestic Horse,
Look at those "zebra stripes" (also known as leg barring)! Quarter Horse Mare For Sale in Ohio
Don't you cry. Go to sleep my little baby · Horse MarkingsAmerican Paint ...
Homozygous grulla, Shining C farm.
What color is Grulla? Silver,mousy-gray,smoky-blue, slate
Violet Mini Horses, Black Horses, Grulla Horse, All The Pretty Horses, Beautiful
walking c ranch, Grulla, Grullo, Dun, colored horses, AQHA, ABRA
Grulla mustang with leg barring
grulla, beautiful Grulla Horse, Appaloosa, Palomino, All The Pretty Horses, Beautiful
Chance.jpg (JPEG Image, 589 × 720 pixels) - Scaled (91
Grulla Based Appaloosa
grullo - unknown Rocky Mountain Horse stallion
"Misty Cool Mirage" owned by Shining C Grulla Horses Grulla Horse, Palomino,
The dun gene lightens the coat except for the legs, mane, tail, and face. It adds dun factor (dorsal stripe, dark-tipped ears, shoulder markings ...
Shetland Pony stallion - named 'Univers van de Morgendster' Miniature Ponies, Miniature Shetland
Grullo minimally marked Splash White Foal with distinctive markings. Grulla Horse, Palomino, Thoroughbred
2013 Foals - Shining C Grulla Horses Grulla Horse, Breyer Horses, Palomino, Thoroughbred
2013 Foals - Shining C Grulla Horses Baby Horses, Cute Horses, Pretty Horses ,
BERRY SWEET WHIZARD: Silver grullo grulla reining horse, AQHA stallion
PIK YOUR DESTINY grulla (black dun) minimal overo colt 1 wk old, check out those stripes!
AQHA Grulla Mares | Shining C Grulla Horses - Dorsal Stripe
Grullo Pryor Mountain mustang foal - look at that dorsal stripe!
Nothin' cuter than a grulla stud colt with a great dorsal stripe and plenty of · All The Pretty HorsesBeautiful ...
https://flic.kr/p/KWiT6Y | Grulla Quarter Horse (
Spotted Horse...photo by Shining C Grulla Horses www.facebook.com
Kiger Mustang-Wild horses from Oregon and descendants of Spanish Conquistadors horses. They are predominately dun col… | Horses! Cattle! Farm critters!
My dream horse
AQHA Grulla Mares - Shining C Grulla Horses Grulla Horse, American Quarter Horse, Quarter
Silver Smoky Grullo -notice the leg markings #horses
Grullo w/zebra stripes, black dorsal stripe, and dark mask over the face. I have to admit that this is my most favorite color.
Silver Grulla Quarter Horse | Silver Grulla - Page 2
Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore ?
Dun: Grulla: showing face mask, neck shadow, shoulder stripe, and mottling (the dark smudges all over the tops of his legs). This little guy is *loaded* ...
Gorgeous Grulla Grulla Horse, Dun Horse, Palomino, Thoroughbred, American
Pretty Grulla Baby! Beautiful BabiesBeautiful HorsesPretty ...
JPG (428×720) Appaloosa, Grulla Horse, Horse Markings,
TL Quarter Horses - silver dun foal
LILLY Moriah's Tiger Lilly
Sarah, this is a grulla. They've got the stripe down their backs... but that colouring.
Dun horse with tiger stripes
Blue roan horse
Buckskin horse
Chestnut horse color
Dorsal stripe on a grullo horse
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Brindle horse with dark bay base coat
RAGTIME DUN D (Ragtime Voodoo Magic x Successful Outta The Blue), 2003 grulla stallion owned by Mountain Home Morgans. You can see how his dorsal strip ...
Morgan Colors- Your Information Station for Morgan Color Genetics and Color History
Morgan Colors- Your Information Station for Morgan Color Genetics and Color History
The Scoop on Horse Sweat
Horse colors: Bay roan
Dapple gray horse coat
5 Common Sport Horse Injuries
A dark chestnut mare with a flaxen mane and tail
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Bay horse color
STORMWASHED (Robbi-Sue's Sweet Success X DBF Black Nightcloud), 1996 grulla stallion owned by Bob and Kellie Sharpe. Photo by Laura Behning.
Price Ranch Rafter Diamond Performance Horses
AMBERFIELDS STARS N STRIPES (Stormwashed X Amberfields Lady Amethyst), 2002 grulla gelding owned by Theresa Sheridan. "Rocky" is shown here modeling ...
The tail is often two colors.