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Tom Holland and captain marvel. Ah life is unfair
Best 30 Marvel Geek Memes
And people wonder why I love the flash. It's because he can be able to make friends with everyone.
Ironman and Doctor strange funny moment #marvel #superhero #cosplay #costume
As a Marvel fan I see DC as bunch of folks trying to catch up to what Marvel has done cinematically. And it's full of destruction of th…
Každý se potřebuje zasmát a proč né rovnou s Marvel a Dc postavami. … #nezařaditelné # Nezařaditelné # amreading # books # wattpad
If this isn't the most relatable thing I've ever seen.
Guys, gals, and nonbinary pals: I hereby present our friendly neighborhood idiot, Peter Parker
I'd Deadpool isn't relatable than you're wrong
Well this is just Nice | marvel comics | Pinterest | Marvel, Spiderman and Funny
If ...
Pin by Addisonfalck on Spideypool | Pinterest | Marvel, Avengers and Marvel dc
The Marvel ...
GeneralA comparison between the members of the Avengers & Justice League ...
Captain America #9 “The White Death” (December 1941) written by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Joe Simon ©1941 Marvel Comics
You ...
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Whether they're taking on SNK, Marvel, Malibu Comics, or Dr. Robotnik, Ryu and the gang really get around.
Why Franco-Belgian comic-book movies are more fun than Marvel and DC | Film | The Guardian
Avengers: Age of Ultron is a Marvel film with a lot of critics. But is it a better movie than it's given credit for?
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Via: media.new.mensxp.com
See My Friends: Marvel Comic's "The Heroic Age" TPB and Some Odd Outsider Feelings
I swear this is the last Marvel film I see: Captain America reviewed
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Ranking: Every Marvel Movie and TV Show from Worst to Best | Consequence of Sound
Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper star as
TIMING - The last decade has been a boon for superhero films and Marvel laid the foundation at the right time. DC is trying to catch up by rushing their DC ...
... but not to the extent of beings such as Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate. In this battle, she will not (and doesn't have to) posses any forms of magical powers.
Chadwick Boseman, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johanssson and Sebastian Stan reprise their roles as Black
"Gracie Law" tells CEO Kevin Tsujihara, "I love that studio, and you're allowing it to sink" t
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Marvel's Inhumans - Black Bolt and Maximus
So, to try to help you navigate the bigger picture outside of these two main ongoing events, we've tried to group together the other major storyline threads ...
(bottom, left to right) Doctor Polaris I, Lex Luthor, the Joker, Circe I and Abra Kadabra, art by Howard Porter.
... especially after Wonder Woman opened to 30% less than GOTG2's bow, $103.2M to $146.5M. Last summer, Disney/Marvel's Captain America: ...
In contrast, DC Characters remain with one studio Warner Bros and except for Green Lantern, many of their films were successful (Superman and Batman films).
Not going to lie, I have a weird crush on this character
There's even a most-welcome two-page vignette from the much-missed team of Cornell and Kirk showing Captain Britain and M-13 on a state visit to Washington.
Literally the Superman of Marvel. And when I mean literally, like it's a match, down to his backstory where his planet is dying so he was sent to earth, ...
Yep, it's an animated concept based on their diverse characters like Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and ...
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Marvel Movies Coming Soon, Batman vs Superman 2016 Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey - Beyond The Trailer
The action doesn't have the realistic edge they brought to the first film and
... virtually everywhere; convenience stores, bookstores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. And even more amazing was the variety; funny animal, humor, ...
Batman: Under the Hood - Batman asks Superman about coming back from dead
Physically positioned within and above the story, the narrators become Black Comedians who see the humor we miss.
It's funny – if you go back and read the WYE 2016 post, it starts pretty much the same way. The problem with 2016, however, is that Death kept coming ...
Convergence: Titans interior art
The digital platform comiXology is a marketplace for comics that are read on tablets and Kindles. With its dominance in the early days of digital comics ...
Superman mentions the solid moral foundation his parent gave him
... anxiety, and backtracking resulted in this, universally agreed upon, worst part of the MCU. Scott Buck may be MCU's kryptonite. Please, Marvel, don't ...
I can't say it enough. I freaking love MOON KNIGHT and 100 percent recommend reading it. I'm done now.
The Week In Which I Read And Liked A Lot Of Terrible Comics Instead Of Building Stories, Which Is Just Sitting Right Here Being Gloomy
This is how DC should be
3. Professor Charles Xavier & The Juggernaut
These are the covers for the series since #0-#4. As you can see each but one cover has Carol being extremely praised over how amazing and cool of a new hip ...
Iron Fist
Avengers: Age of Ultron reviewed - confusing, undramatic, repetitive and loud
In some panels Ditko hand-letters more than 40 HAs, and one story feature nearly 150. The HAs often spill out of the panel and across the gutters, ...
And Janet van Dyne was permanently in heat.
... attack on the X-Men, but is distracted on his new social life – both Glob and his crush – whose name we find out is Ann N. - want to hang out.
... head of the Walt Disney Company who oversaw the company's big acquisitions such as Pixar in 2006 for $7.4 B, Marvel Entertainment in 2009 for $4 B and ...
... into crossover events (the Avengers movies) which we now know as the MCU. Over time, the strategy has been developed and expanded into Phases 1–3.
This is a pretty easy comic to rip on full of plot holes, delays, editorial mistakes, generic action, zero stakes, depending on shock value rather than good ...
... but not our host, who knows what they don't: the weirdly funny way the tale mixes, but never quite reconciles, love and longing, justice and death.
This guy is a fun and unique hero. Hands down one of my favorite superheroes for sure. He's what we aspired to be when we were little kids; ...
My name is John Kane and if my instructions have been honoured then what now assails your minds will be a continuation of the unfeasible events that ...
Believe it or not I was a huge fan of Carol as Ms. Marvel. When I was younger I have only seen her in some shows and always loved the idea of ...
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Batman films were treated as separate from Superman films and vice versa. It was only recently that they try to integrate the cinematic universe.
Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage
Martin Goodman, founder of Marvel Comics, left his company in 1972 (he had sold it in 1968). He went on to form a new comic book and magazine publishing ...
He is considered to be the creator of the DC universe and everything in it and someone even Batman can't defeat.